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Odzala Discovery

These are the last jungles of Tarzan. Within the pristine natural rainforests, crisscrossed by life-giving rivers and dotted by savannah, lies our conscious travel experience. Come to one of Africa’s most important Western Lowland Gorilla tracking destinations – the Congo Basin – for an opportunity to engage with science and nature through exploration. Founded on research and conservation, our gorilla tracking experiences at Ngaga and Sangha are conscious of our impact. We believe in observation, not engagement, and connecting with the gorilla families we meet in a respectful, authentic and personal way.

The primate researchers at our camps, whom you may get to meet, work with the gorilla families on a daily basis to maintain familiarity. Our gorilla tracking philosophy is to allow the gorillas’ natural behaviours to continue, uninterrupted, as we observe from a respectful distance.

Explore the Bai, Lekoli River and surrounding areas with long and short walks through the various biomes. Prepare to get a little wet and muddy when immersing within one of the last few places in Africa where you can safely explore forest streams and marshes on foot. Here, dense flocks of Green Pigeons and African Grey Parrots fly overhead, Forest Buffalo graze throughout the day, and Forest Elephants dig for minerals throughout the night. Unearth the history and heritage of this incredibly diverse and beautiful area.

There are few places on this planet which is as beautiful as the Congo Basin and in fact, beautiful is an underestimation to describe the beauty of it. Take a moment to immerse your senses in this place and time. See the pristine ecosystems, hear the sounds of a healthy environment, smell the dewy humidity and promise of rain, taste the sense of wonder filling your heart, and feel connected to something greater than yourself. Join us and explore one of West Africa’s hidden gems.


Upon arrival, Guests are assisted at Maya Maya Airport (Brazzaville) before boarding the Congo Conservation Company’s scheduled flight – departs Brazzaville at 1 pm and arrives at 3pm at Mboko (Odzala-Kokoua National Park); 2-hour flight. The road transfer from the airstrip to Ngaga Camp would be around 3-hours. Unwind and relax at the Camp before meeting with the Gorilla research team in the evening, followed by dinner and overnight in the en-suite forest chalets.

Overlooking a canopy of pristine rainforests, the beautiful Ngaga Camp is a focal point for unforgettable primate encounters and world-class primate research. Designed uniquely with wraparound walkways that allows guests to gaze directly into the forests and soak in a bit of nature, Ngaga Camp evokes within guests, a sense of childhood – the fun and mystery of treehouses.

The Western Lowland Gorilla Team based out of Ngaga Camp have spent a few decades in the forest navigating its trails and understanding the rhythms of the jungle. Visiting guests have the opportunity to share in their knowledge and experience this pristine rainforest. Walks in the forest during the day and at night, night safaris and more are available.

Accompanied by a tracker from the Camp’s research team, head out into the forests for tracking Gorillas in the morning. On your return, enjoy lunch and a relaxing afternoon, followed by a late afternoon forest walk for bird watching and discovery of forest life. Dinner and overnight in the Ngaga Camp’s en-suite forest chalet.

The second Gorilla tracking experience in the morning with a guide and tracker from our team. During the Gorilla experience, spend time with your tracker from the gorilla research team learning more about your observations of the Gorilla families. Later in the day, head out on foot for a night walk to discover nocturnal forest life. Dinner and overnight in the Ngaga Camp‘s en-suite forest chalet.



Checkout from the Ngaga Camp and transfer by road through the Mbomo village and the Odzala-Kokoua National Park. Arrive at Mboko Camp for lunch. After lunch, cruise on a Kayak on the Lekoli River from Mboko Camp to the Langa Camp and Bai. Today will be a relaxed afternoon in the camp. Guests have the option for a Bai Discovery Walk followed by Sundowners. Dinner and overnight in the Lango Camp’s en-suite forest chalet.

Lango Camp

L0cated on the edge of the Lango Bai,  Lango Camp offers one of the most spectacular views of any camp in Africa. The Lango Bai is a magnet of attraction for flocks of Green Pigeons and African Grey Parrots as well as herds of Forest Elepehants and Forest Buffalo. The camp’s wraparound walkways and elevated chalets maximise these views.

During your stay at Lango Camp, be prepared to get up close with nature, whilst walking in the footsteps of elephants on trails through forests, streams and bais. Feel the personal connection with this pristine landscape as you get wet and muddy on foot. For those less adventurous guests, there are optional tours in the drier forests surrounding the bai.


Prepare to get wet, as you begin the morning with a walk in the Bai surrounding the Camp. Following lunch, embark on another Bai walk, forest walk or head out looking for some of Congo’s sought after avian wonders. Dinner and overnight in the Lango Camp in an en-suite forest chalet.

On the last morning in Lango Camp, go on a walk in the Bai or the forest and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast on the Camp’s deck. Checkout from camp and take a walk on the wooden walk way to reach the game viewer for a transfer to Mboko Camp. Arrive in Camp in time for lunch. Go on a forest walk followed by a river cruise before dinner and overnight in the ensuite river chalet.

Mboko Camp

Mboko Camp is a place of adventure and peace, in equal measure, comprising of a combo of towering rainforests, open grasslands and slow flowing rivers. Explore the forests in a safari vehicle, on a Kayak/boat or by foot. Of Odzala’s three camps, Mboko is the closest to the airstrip. Everyday holds a new adventure in this tranquil location.

A home to great adventure, activities at Mboko Camp involve a combination of walking, boating and kayaking through some of Congo’s most picturesque and pristine habitats. Between experiences short drives may be required.

At Mboko Camp, on request, soothing massages are available to rejuvenate from days of adventure. Massages are done by ladies from the local community who are part of the development programme. They continue to be trained by professionals locally and from Brazzaville and provide the perfect end to an adventurous vacation before a flight back home.



Wake up early to the sounds of the Rainforest and begin the day with a walk into the forest. Return to Camp for breakfast and spend the rest of the morning relaxing on the deck soaking in the views of the savannah. In the afternoon, hop on a Kayak and drift down the river to watch the abundance of wildlife along the banks. Return to camp after sunset, dinner and overnight in the ensuite river chalet.

The Forest Five: Try to spot the forest five during your Odzala journey which are endemic to this region: Forest Elephant, Forest Buffalo, Western Lowland Gorilla, Bongo and Giant Forest Hog.

At Mboko Camp, on request, soothing massages are available to rejuvenate from days of adventure. Massages are done by ladies from the local community who are part of the development programme. They continue to be trained by professionals locally and from Brazzaville and provide the perfect end to an adventurous vacation before a flight back home.

Enjoy your last breakfast in the Congo Basin in Mboko Camp. Transfer to the airstrip for the return flight to Brazzaville. Congo Conservation Company’s scheduled flight: departs Odzala at 9am, arrives in Brazzaville at 11am (2 hours), landing at Maya Maya Airport. Connect with onward flights back home or stay in Brazzaville and soak up the city atmosphere.


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