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Iconic Iceland

Book this 7 day summer tour to capture the iconic locations of Iceland – from stunning waterfalls to majestic mountains, black sand beaches, epic canyons and volcanic coastlines.

During this photography adventure you will experience the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun, capturing the quintessential landscapes under an ethereal palette of golden colours and much more.

Aimed at photographers of all skill level – beginner, amateur or a professional – you’ll be sure to come away from this tour with a diverse portfolio of images of Iceland. Have hands on guidance from photographer guides who would help see things differently.


The tour begins in the capital city of Reykjavik, where we will meet over a welcome lunch to get to know each other and discuss our itinerary. We will then start our photography adventure by heading to the geothermal area within the Golden Circle.

Here you will witness the forces of earth and fire that are still actively shaping the landscapes of Iceland – you’ll be amazed by the bubbling mud pits, hot springs and steaming fumaroles. We’ll spend time capturing the extraordinary activity of Strokkur – a geyser that spouts jets of scalding water over 20 metres into the air every 4-10 minutes.


After some rest time and a late dinner we will head out for our first Midnight Sun shoot at two of Iceland‘s most iconic landmarks: Reynisfjara – a beach with enormous basalt columns, dramatic black volcanic sand and impressive sea stacks, and Dyrhólaey with its massive sea arch, historic lighthouse and spectacular views over the coastline.

We will stay out shooting for as long as we can last before heading back to the hotel to sleep until the afternoon.


This tour has been timed to take advantage of the Midnight Sun – a phenomenon that occurs in far Northern countries where sunsets merge into sunrises with no darkness in between, and Golden Hour stretches from around 10 pm until 5 am.

These Golden Hours are a fascinating time to be photographing Iceland, as the landscapes can be painted in an ethereal palette of soft pinks, warm yellows, deep oranges and dreamy purples from the rays of the low-lying sun. However, to capture this light, we will be reversing our sleep cycles – shooting from late in the afternoon until late morning as weather allows, and sleeping throughout the day.

We will start our day in the late afternoon by visiting an area that is home to a colony of adorable Atlantic Puffins. These comical birds are often called the ‘Clowns of the Sea’ because of their technicolor facial markings and their awkward, clumsy antics. They are incredibly entertaining to watch, and amazing to photograph due to their expressive eyes and their striking colors. They will be sure to capture your hearts and lenses.

As the golden hour begins, we will turn our attention to the landscapes of the South Coast. We will explore the nearby Víkurkirkja  – a picture-perfect white church that sits atop a hill overlooking the village of Vik í Mýrdal. During the summer months, the surrounding area is covered in vibrant blooms of purple lupine, making this quaint church even more picturesque.

From here you can also capture remarkable panoramic views of the valley, stretching from the village below to the stunning coastline including the Reynisdrangar sea stacks.

We couldn’t think of a better place to spend the day than at two of Iceland’s most recognizable waterfalls: Seljalandsfoss – with its path that leads behind the veil of falling water for unique compositions, and Skógafoss – a waterfall so mighty you will feel the mist before you reach it.

Today we will make our way to the south-east of Iceland, travelling along the foothills of the Vatnajökull glacier.
During the journey, we will stop at Svínafellsjökull, an immense glacier tongue almost 800 meters wide that stretches down from the ice cap towards the sea like fingers. You will be able to walk close enough to the sharp ice ridges to hear the otherworldly sounds of the glacier – creaks, fractures and deep cracking. From here, you’ll capture the fascinating textures in the ice made from deposits of black ash and rubble dispersed among the deep blue ice – the scars left by previous volcanic eruptions.

After some rest time and a late dinner, we will head out for what will likely be one of the highlights of the workshop.
Our first stop will be Jökulsárlón. At this beautiful lagoon, icebergs in an array of shapes and sizes break off from the nearby glacial tongue and slowly drift towards the sea. It is a magical experience to see them float by in their palette of colors – turquoise, frosted white, deep blue and even black. You may also spot seals swimming, feeding and playing among them.

Our day will finish at one of the most extraordinary locations in Iceland, Diamond Beach – the final resting place for the icebergs that we just saw floating in Jökulsárlón. The icebergs are pounded by waves and smashed into smaller chunks of ice that then wash up onto the black volcanic sand where they lay, glistening like diamonds. We will have plenty of time to photograph this spectacular beach – the memories of watching the ice glow in the golden light will last a lifetime.

In the afternoon, your guides will run post-processing training. Whether you are brand new to editing or have extensive experience, you are sure to learn new techniques for your workflow to help you return home with great images of Iceland.

Following dinner, we will continue along the Ring Road to Vestrahorn, the iconic mountain that sits alone on the shore of the wild Atlantic Ocean.
Located on the next headland is Eystrahorn – an incredibly steep mountain that has been continuously battered on all sides by wind and waves, creating jagged peaks and rugged formations from the dark lava rock.

The weather around these mountains is dynamic – it is common to witness clear skies, fog and clouds all within the same hour. The scenery constantly shifts as the light changes – making these mountains a photographer’s dream!

These famous landmarks are even more spectacular under the golden light of the Midnight Sun, surrounded by wildflowers, shallow pools providing reflections, and undulating black sand dunes. We will take our time exploring these many composition options.



Today we will meet for our last post-processing training session where our guides will be on hand to provide individual advice and instruction.

The landscapes within the Vatnajökull National Park are diverse, dotted with waterfalls, rivers, lava fields, and mountain peaks. We will spend our last late night of golden hour light exploring the unique sites and capturing them in a variety of conditions.

To ensure our portfolios are varied and practice our long exposure skills, we will also return to Diamond Beach today.

Today will be our final day of shooting, and we will travel back along the beautiful south coast towards Reykjavik, stopping at several places to capture the incredible vistas.

One of these will be Eldhraun, where you will find endless opportunities for abstract images amongst the fascinating formations and natural pillars of this moss-covered lava field. Another will be Kvernufoss; a magical waterfall often considered a hidden gem due to being partially hidden at the end of a moss-coated, narrow gorge.

Along the way, we will keep our eye out for wildlife. At this time of year, it is common to spot herds of wandering reindeer, free-roaming Icelandic sheep, Arctic foxes and the beautiful Icelandic Horses.

We will arrive in the city early in the evening.

After breakfast you will make your way to the airport to fly home, with memories to last a lifetime, new friends and memory cards full of amazing images of Iceland.


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