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Essential Highlands

The Highlands form the heart of Iceland – an uninhabited, ever-changing wilderness forged by the forces of ice and fire.

They are home to some of the most surreal landscapes you can imagine – ancient volcanos, steaming geothermal areas, rainbow mountain ranges, jeweled crater lakes, and majestic waterfalls that are dispersed amongst barren plains of volcanic desert and vast lava fields.

Their remoteness and harsh terrain make them challenging to access, with only skilled drivers in 4×4 vehicles that have experience with glacial river crossings venturing here. This makes them a fantastic destination for photographers who want to experience the raw, rugged, and breathtaking landscapes of Iceland away from crowds.

Join us on this 3 day adventure to explore the Highlands! Aimed at photographers of all skill level – beginner, amateur or professional – you’ll be sure to come away from this workshop with epic images.


This tour can be combined with the Essential Iceland Tour. Contact us for more information on planning your trip.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a set departure of this tour: August 9-11, 2021


We will set off early from Reykjavik, starting our photography adventure by heading off the beaten path and deep into the rugged Central Highlands.

Kerlingarfjöll is a young mountain range of volcanic origin wedged between two glaciers – a place where you can truly observe the dynamic nature between ice and fire in Iceland. It is characterized by extremes – mountains with sharp, un-eroded peaks, smooth valleys of steaming vents, snowy ice caps, and boiling rivers. There is a palette of colors – minerals that have emerged from the hot springs color the ground yellow, red and green, while the glacier looming overhead adds shades of blue and white. Many images taken here resemble watercolor paintings! We will take our time to explore the endless composition options.

We will finish our day in Haukadalur, a geothermal area full of bubbling mud pits, hot springs and steaming fumaroles. We’ll time our visit to be here at sunset, with our cameras at the ready to capture the extraordinary activity of Strokkur – a geyser that spouts jets of scalding water over 20 meters into the air every 4-10 minutes.

For our first stop today will travel to the edge of the Highlands to Háifoss – one of Iceland’s most spectacular waterfalls. Translating to ‘High Falls’, the waters here plunge 122 meters into a deep gorge in the beautiful Þjórsárdalur valley, resulting in breathtaking panoramic views.

We will then make our way to the valley of Landmannalaugar in the Southern Highlands. The landscape here is incredible – a vast, volcanic oasis of rhyolite mountains that are dispersed with rising vents of white steam and natural blue pools, entwined with shimmering streams and surrounded by a contrasting black lava field. The mountains are shaded in colors of yellow, brown, green, blue, and pink – and they continually transform as the light changes throughout the day! This extraordinary site is a photographer’s dream, and exploring it will be an experience you will never forget.

Amongst the desolate, rugged deserts and volcanic mountain ranges of the Highlands are areas of exquisite diversity and beauty – many of which rarely see visitors. We will spend our last day exploring some of these unique sites, including turquoise and emerald crater lakes, volcanic mountains that rise like pyramids out of nowhere, moss-covered explosion craters, and cascading waterfalls. Drone enthusiasts will need to be prepared with fully-charged batteries, as even though they are stunning from the ground, some of these places are even more incredible with a birds-eye-view of the landscape!

We will arrive back in the city in the evening – with memories to last a lifetime, new friends, and memory cards full of amazing images of Iceland.


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